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Enabling the reuse of waste building materials on Gibraltar


To produce a Public Health Licence for the processing of rubble held on Gibraltar's east side.

Over the past 15 years, this side of The Rock has contained a rubble tip, created from building materials received from a number of construction projects.

Reusing rather than disposing of this rubble presents a more sustainable opportunity for future development on Gibraltar and Engain has worked with the government’s technical services department to process this inert material into aggregate, suitable for future resourcing.

Our environmental team worked with Geoconsulting to recommend the best approach for safe processing of the material: the licence has now been approved and distributed by Environmental Agency Gibraltar to allow the rubble to be reused for construction.

There is currently a planning application in the public realm for residential units at part of the site that will be available post processing.


•  Approval of Public Health Licence
•  Coordination with Technical Services Department to achieve low environmental impact throughout material processing

Partners & Stakeholders

• HM Government of Gibraltar
• Environmental Agency Gibraltar
• Technical Services Department, Gibraltar
• Geoconsulting Ltd

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