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We’re proud to know we're trusted and favoured by clients and project partners.

Safe hands

Engain comprises a talented team of ecologists, environmental scientists and geographers.

Our backgrounds and combined specialist knowledge make us well rounded advisors.

Typically, we work on schemes with construction values ranging from £5M for bespoke residential development - to over £100 million for national infrastructure and mixed-use strategic sites.

Our senior management team

Nikki Wood, founder of Engain

Nikki Wood

Managing Director

Nikki founded Engain in 2003. A skilled expert witness and UK and international advisor, she has informed governments' environmental legislation and policy.

Masterful in national infrastructure and redevelopment projects, she is a leader of high level consultations and stakeholder events, well versed in delivering Environmental Impact Assessments, Risk Assessments, and in managing detailed GHG and global warming studies.

Nikki, often to be found with her beloved labradors, is a keen sailor and ice climber.

Matt Davies, head of ecology, Engain

Matt Davies

Head of Ecology

An experienced representative at public inquiries and consultations, Matt has pragmatically led many international ecology projects, representing global oil and gas companies in the delivery of trans-continental pipelines and energy supply.

He is as adept informing decisions on land investment as he is working alongside technical teams, often providing advice for continued surveying and monitoring.

When not engrossed in a book, Matt’s either camping with his family, cycling or swimming.

Tom Hardy

Senior Environmental Consultant

A former senior specialist for Natural England, Tom has extensive working knowledge of UK marine legislation and associated policy.

His marine and environmental science specialism combines planning, consenting and environmental impact assessment with UK and EU continental shelf legislation and offshore surveying for marine development.

Over the past ten years he has advised on wind, oil and gas installations, as well as inshore port construction. Tom also advises on international EIA developments and North Sea decommissioning projects. Skilled in helping our clients to navigate the complex depths of environmental legislation and policy, he coordinates technical teams and provide a key communication role, ensuring clear engagement with all stakeholders.

As a marine biologist, he’s never too far from open water. When not researching and studying it, Tom is to be found either at the beach with his family, or off diving into the deep blue.

Our values

We are purposeful, enthusiastic and efficient team players, engaged with our clients’ project objectives and driven to enrich heritage landscapes and the built environment.

Engain supports The Prince’s Trust, which last year helped more than 56,000 young people change their lives, through education, training and jobs.

Engain's Frome office

Our environment

Engain is a growing team based in a collaborative and creative working environment.

We are always interested to hear from consultants with senior experience, students seeking internships, field surveyors and potential technical partners.



Environmental Gain Ltd was started in 2003 in the UK, in Bath and Somerset.

Engain has since become established in the UK and Europe for offering comprehensive ecological and environmental services and expertise.

Over the years we have built a solid reputation for being practical, authoritative and friendly professionals.

Who we work with

We are renowned for our project delivery, which is based on great working relationships and in assembling strong teams, often involving trusted associates.

  • Project directors
  • Architects
  • Local authorities
  • Regulators
  • Utility providers
  • Planners
  • Technical specialists
  • Licensed ecologists

Our clients include

Sector expertise


Kingston Mills development, Bradford-on-Avon

Enlightening investment decisions for strategic landowners, enhancing the planning process for housing, and informing transport network design

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Achieving consent for power facilities and renewable schemes; environmental assessment, regulatory consultation and public representation

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Informing environmental legislation and policy; UK and international expert witness and high level climate change consultation

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Enriching biodiversity, managing estates, protecting landscapes and identifying opportunities for countryside enhancement

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We are always interested to hear from those with senior experience, students seeking internships, field surveyors and potential technical partners.