Achieving consent for national transport and major infrastructure projects

Use our expertise to promote growth and protect the natural environment.

Trusted performance

We enrich engineering teams with top level technical experience, and ensure planning application timescales are met and projects are delivered on budget and to programme.

Our support is delivered in accordance with professional standards; our systems and processes are being developed to comply fully with ISO 14001 and ISO 90001.

“We are here to help the process of change; observing nature’s responses to environmental change and advising on adapting behaviours to adopt natural strategies. Our clients are increasingly asking for this help and we have a duty to respond.”

Nikki Wood, Head of Sustainability, Engain

Gibraltar's new LNG power facility

Overcoming objections

Gaining consent requires the careful compilation of evidence, negotiation with regulatory bodies and clear public communication.

Our team provides robust representation for developers; producing and assessing EIA documentation, and informing design improvement.


Making the right connections

Engain carefully manages ecological planning and consenting for transport developments and renewable energy facilities.

Our advisors offer Hybrid Bill, Development Consent Order (DCO) and Transport and Works Act order (TWA) expertise. We’re skilled in masterminding planning resilience, enabling consent for new road and rail links, power facilities and airport upgrades.


Recent projects

Our major infrastructure expertise for small island nations means we are skilled in handling sensitive political challenges. We have worked in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean to secure consent for renewable energy and transport schemes.

Partners and clients

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