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The Gibraltar cable car rises 412m above sea level in just six minutes, and takes around a million tourists a year to the top of The Rock, where they can view the town below, the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol and North Africa. The top of the cable car is situated in Gibraltar’s Nature Reserve, home to the famous Barbary apes as well as an important stop for birds on a major migration route. Due to increasing numbers of visitors, the cable car owners and operators, MH Bland, were seeking permission to upgrade the cable car installation and buildings.

Challenges and Objectives

As already mentioned, the cable car is in an area of great importance to local and global wildlife. Engain worked with Swiss project architects, Forum 4, to supply expert knowledge during the consultation and design process to make sure there was the least possible disruption to the area’s biodiversity, and to minimise the environmental and visual impact as much as possible. Engain’s environmental experts already had extensive knowledge of Gibraltar’s challenging landscape and biodiversity, which they were able to draw on during this unique project.

Engain’s input was critical to securing the planning consent needed to go ahead with the upgrade.


Planning permission for the upgrade work was unanimously approved, allowing work to begin. The upgraded cable car will secure this key tourist attraction for The Rock, at the same time as protecting the habitat and allowing visitors to understand more about Gibraltar’s unique biodiversity.

Engain will continue to be involved in the upgrade project to advise as to how the works can be carried out in the most environmentally sensitive way possible.

Johnnie Gaggero, Chairman of MH Bland Gibraltar, said: We are extremely grateful to the team at Engain for their invaluable support in obtaining planning permission for this project. 

“We very much look forward to our continued collaboration in order to ensure this significant investment in Gibraltar’s future tourism product will be carried out in the most environmentally friendly way possible, in keeping with the commitment we have made to the planning authority.”

Nikki Wood, Managing Director of Engain, said: “This project has been almost 4 years in the making, with a global team coming together to design an advanced infrastructure in one of the most sensitive environments in Europe.

“It’s been a privilege to work with MH Bland and the people of Gibraltar on this ‘show-stopper’ attraction, providing sustainable tourism which protects this unique location while allowing people to visit and understand more about the local ecology.”

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