Environmental Policy Statement

We are Engain. We are an environmental and climate adaptation consultancy. We help our clients to overcome the complexity of environmental projects and planning applications by providing biodiversity services.

We provide biodiversity consulting expertise that is sustainable, measurable, and valuable for our targeted clients, engaging them in natural resource management and enabling them to achieve innovative biodiversity enhancement for natural prosperity.

Our Biodiversity Services include surveys, assessment and reporting that are driven by our client’s needs, new legislation for biodiversity net gain for all new development planning, and in response to the impacts of climate change and other pressures on biodiversity resources.

Our values guide the way we run our business and provide services to our clients:

  • Engage – approachable, interactive, helpful, easy to work with, flexible
  • Enable – we are team players, purposeful, enthusiastic and efficient
  • Enhance – improving the environment, adding diversity, a valued member of the project team

We are committed to:

  • Upholding our duties as good environmental citizens
  • Identifying, managing and reducing our impacts on the environment
  • Organising our business activities in an environmentally responsible way
  • Encouraging and empowering individual employees to adopt environmentally-responsible working practices
  • Preventing pollution from our business activities
  • Promoting a culture of environmental protection with our clients, suppliers, partners and all parties with which we operate
  • Fulfilling our legal and compliance obligations
  • Establishing and continually improving an environmental management system which supports our business
  • Setting objectives in line with our mission, vision and business plan

This policy is communicated to all Engain employees and associates, whilst being available to other interested parties on our website. This policy is reviewed annually by the Board to ensure that it remains appropriate to our strategic direction and is suitable, adequate and effective.

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