Malta: environmental projects revisited

Our team is now addressing a number of tenders in Malta, looking at possible environmental impact assessment (EIA) preconditions for development.

We’re well versed in EIA work and providing consultancy in the Mediterranean region, tackling the region’s often challenging political and stakeholder scenarios.

Last year, our projects director Nikki met with ministerial officials and international development contractors responsible for delivering Malta’s new combined-cycle gas turbine power station, as well as the project manager for its new natural gas-fired power station in Delimara.

Environmental projects are now subject to revised impact assessment requirements. The legislation and associated guidance for EIAs have changed, for the better.

We were particularly pleased to read the latest guidance issued by the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, IEMA, on regulations for EIA screening documents – which mirrors our own standpoint as consultants.

We fully endorse this more straight forward approach – favouring the delivery of robust, meaningful advice as a means to ensure EIAs are more tightly scoped, and the contents of these reports more informative to the decision making process.

Malta, like many archipelago and small island nations, faces a number of environmental challenges. Balancing the needs of its people and economy with that of its rich heritage and wildlife requires careful handling and due consideration.

Engain offers years of well honed expertise, including specialist technical marine knowhow from our consultant Tom Hardy, who recently joined the team.

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