Tom Hardy steps into Engain environmental role

We’re extremely pleased to announce the arrival of Tom Hardy to our team - a senior environmental consultant who brings valuable energy competence and regulatory insight.

A former environmental specialist for Natural England, with a refined working knowledge of UK marine legislation, Tom is an able adviser on related policy interpretation.

His ten years of experience in the field of marine and environmental science combines planning, consenting and impact assessment, with UK and EU continental shelf legislation and offshore surveying for marine development – ranging from wind, oil and gas installations, to inshore port construction.

“Having spent several years working on marine designated sites in UK waters, I hope to lend my knowledge of the designation process, legislative controls and potential conflicts, and mitigation of offshore and coastal developments.”

In the coming months, Tom will focus on developing a number of Engain’s international EIA projects currently underway, all featuring a marine aspect. Helping to navigate our clients through complex environmental legislation and policy, he’ll also coordinate technical teams and provide a key communication role, ensuring clear engagement with all stakeholders.

A marine biologist and qualified diver too, we’re glad to have him aboard!

For clear advice and guidance for UK or international EIAs, please contact Tom, or our environment team.

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