We are focused on a fossil free future

Offshore, marine and terrestrial expertise in renewable power and storage

Wind, solar, LNG and hydro

We have a strong track record in the energy sector; delivering environmental studies to enable innovative new power plant production.

Our marine expertise means we are well positioned to advise on offshore, as well as land based environmental consenting requirements.

We have advised on wind, solar PV, biomass, biogas and small scale hydro plants, as well as Gas LNG and alternative national energy strategies to marine diesel.

“In collaboration with technical colleagues, we are pooling our knowledge, of the world’s natural ecosystems, to identify and mirror energy conservation and management found over land, along shores and in our seas. Adapting for change and future energy supply resilience is the challenge we all now face.”

Nikki Wood, Managing Director, Engain

Zero carbon investment

We’re seeing big changes to the ways in which energy companies are investing for the future.

By 2030 the UK offshore wind power market is expected to be worth £30bn per year, with the UK expected to be generating a third of its electricity from this natural source.

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Wiltshire's first biogas facility

Energy efficiency

We carefully manage ecological and environmental planning and consenting for renewable energy plants and storage facilities.

We’re consummate, efficient operators, able to quickly scope and identify critical issues for sites and projects, allowing our clients to achieve development objectives.

Our support is delivered in accordance with professional standards; our systems and processes are being developed to comply fully with ISO 14001 and ISO 90001.


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