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Manufacturing and processing plants are some of the worst offenders for environmental damage – but Yanbu didn’t want to be a statistic. Looking to build an extension to one of their key gas plants, Saudi Aramco were conscious of the environmental impact and risk the project could bring. The final project would be located around 200 m from the Red Sea, which has a very rich ecosystem including coral colonies growing close to the existing gas plant.

Challenges & Objectives

Since Red Sea’s reef ecosystem is one of the longest continuous living reefs in the world.  Since the Royal Commission has spent considerable effort in ensuring the Red Sea ecosystem is protected, any form of development or extension work would need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no harm would be done during work or in the future.

Engain was brought in to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment for the draft proposal before it was submitted. Saudi Aramco was looking to expand the capacity of their Natural Liquid Gas Plant, and we were provided with a description of the project and land take requirements, along with a statement on the need for the project, a description of the main alternatives considered and a general description of the receiving environment. We conducted several thorough ecological surveys on the site and detailed assessments of the plans, and a few issues were highlighted that could cause significant environmental effects.



In producing the Environmental Impact Assessment, we discovered that the significant environmental effects were primarily on the ambient air quality and the potential effect of contamination of groundwater, which was a particular concern on this pathway adjacent to the Red Sea. We conducted detailed studies of air quality and water resources as the next stage of the EIA, and we found that the risk of significant effects from these two topics was low, and no residual significant effects were predicted. We then compared this to the National, Local and Saudi Aramco Regulations and Standards – the risk was considered acceptable by these standards and the project was permitted to move on to the next phase.

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Kaid Environmental Group

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