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Major UK shift towards cleaner energy

Following our earlier post this week, in the run up to tomorrow’s global climate strike, we’re feeling energised by a major move towards future change in national power supply.

In a deliberate effort to reduce our reliance on nuclear and coal plants, a UK contest for leasing offshore wind farms has opened up, expected to attract inbound investment of £20bn – and support the generation of between 7 and 8 gigawatts for the National Grid. Or in consumable terms, power for more than 6 million homes.

It’s great news for the industry – aptly referred to, by Huub den Rooiject, director of energy, minerals and infrastructure for the Crown Estate, as “the next chapter in the UK energy industry’s remarkable transition”.

This announcement represents the most significant UK move towards renewable energy for nearly a decade – and could hold further project management assistance for the Engain team, pending successful client seabed lease auction bids.

We look forward to working on developing the potential for these projects.

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