Climate change: our position

As climate related activity and news headlines reach near critical levels, we thought it worthwhile putting forward some thoughts on where we see our role.

We’ve recently been working on some new changes for our website, including a new Values section (coming soon).

It’s important that our work has positive impact, on people, wildlife and the environment – their connection is inextricable.

Here’s the point from which we are working, and how the Engain team can help.

Right now, the imperative for human life is how do we adapt to the scale of environmental change we are experiencing and facing.

Nature provides us with so many various interpretations of how to adapt, and our particular skill as a species is our ability to observe our world and ourselves in it.

Unfortunately, we have been destroying or manipulating our environment and nature so rapidly over recent decades that we haven’t been able to (or been trained to) pay proper attention to and learn how nature adapts to big-scale environmental change – we are too busy using and changing it before there is opportunity. We appear lost in survival mode against the threat of extinction, and so we aren’t able to see the creative pathways to natural success and thriving.

Fortunately, the tide is turning and many people are organising themselves to take a new view. And that’s where there is a huge (almost untapped) opportunity – to take a collective approach to observing how nature adapts to change.

At Engain we have this at the heart of our business – we are here to help that process of change in how we observe nature’s responses to environmental change and how we can adapt our behaviours to adopt natural strategies. Our business community wants this help from us more and more and we have a duty to respond.

In collaboration with technical colleagues, this is why we are pooling together our knowledge:

  • of the world’s natural ecosystems, over land along shores and in our seas,
  • to see new potentials for stable and sustainable building development, mirroring energy conservation and management found in nature or natural water harvesting and purification along our rivers and wetlands,
  • to understand cultural diversity and support infrastructure needs in an age of increasing population demands and demographic change.

We will always set the bar high: Engain was founded on a desire to deliver better, more informed and more robust ecological and environmental advice. The (business) world really needs this right now – our clients tell us so! Adaptation for change is a key driver for many, particularly those providing future sources of energy, and building more sustainable living spaces.

We will continue to work on environmental projects this Friday, in full support of the global climate strike.

Recognition and reaction to change are a fundamental response to the issues we all face and this calendar date, set to be the biggest climate awareness day yet, will hopefully generate vital attention among governments and industries.

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