Nikki Wood


Engain’s chief exec Nikki is highly experienced in managing complex environmental impact assessments for large infrastructure - with various consenting mechanisms.

Engain’s CEO Nikki founded the company in 2003.

Highly experienced in managing complex environmental impact assessments for large infrastructure – with various consenting mechanisms, including hybrid bills – she works closely with her team and project partners, delivering accuracy within very tight programmes.

A skilled expert witness and UK and international advisor, Nikki has informed governmental environmental legislation and policy, and is a well prepared leader of high-level consultations and stakeholder events.

Nikki’s great love for the outdoors and a new challenge, mean that when she’s not out fell walking, she’ll likely be climbing a mountain, or off to the sea, for a weekend of competitive sailing.

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Key clients

HM Government of Gibraltar
Government of Barbados
Saudi Aramco
Ministry of Defence
National Grid, UK
Gibraltar Electricity Authority
HS2 Ltd
Government of Malta

Key projects

  • HS2 (ARUP) Senior Environment Manager for nationally significant rail infrastructure hybrid bill submission and select committee responses.
  • DEFRA: Technical Adviser and direction on implementation of payments for ecosystems services.
  • Government of Barbados – Lead on 3 year climate adaptation strategy and presentation to international funders and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
  • Government of Gibraltar – major tunnel and strategic highway route: options assessment, EIA, approval and compliance monitoring. Environmental lead witness for High Court case (won).
  • Government of Gibraltar – new airport terminal: strategic vision and ministerial advice, EIA, approval and construction monitoring.
  • Bouygues and Shell National Power Development: options assessment, strategic and EIA, approval and permitting.
  • British Airports Authority (BAA) – proposed Heathrow ‘Airtrack’ transport solution: public inquiry preparation, representations management and negotiations.
  • Saudi Aramco – advice on environmental cumulative impacts of oil and gas infrastructure expansions.
  • Lectures and presentations to corporations and public on impact assessment and climate adaptions strategies.

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