Wiltshire's first biogas plant


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Gaining consent for a landmark Wiltshire biogas plant

Malaby Biogas Wiltshire Council


Developing Wiltshire's first biogas facility on a former farm site required careful environmental planning and management.

Engain provided wildlife advice alongside environmental design and management to progress the development of the sensitive historical site near Warminster.

Extensive ecological and environmental studies were undertaken, to determine the impact of the proposed change in land use. We provided regulatory representation, producing robust evidence, to demonstrate the low ecological impact posed – achieving planning permission for the region’s first food-waste biogas plant.

Capable of using 17,000 tonnes of food-waste per year, the anaerobic digestion facility operated by Malaby Biogas receives and collects commercial food-waste from local businesses and food producers. The biogas produced powers a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, with surplus renewable electricity exported to the national grid. The plant has won several industry accolades, including Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s prestigious Green Shoots award, in recognition of its exemplary environmental best practice in Wiltshire.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Statutory and stakeholder consultation
  • Representation at public committee
  • Planning consent achieved
  • Awards for best practice

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Malaby Biogas
  • Nash Partnership
  • State Veterinary Service
  • Environment Agency
  • Natural England
  • Wiltshire Council
  • Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

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