Environmental Planning

Environmental planning provides direction for complex planning and decision making, and informs policy formulation relating to land development and major infrastructure, ensuring compliance with environmental policies and laws, and leading and advising on sustainability for masterplans of large cities, major infrastructure and new developments.

Environmental planning involves working closely with civil and specialist engineering consultants, architects and planners. Together, solutions are formed to address problems that arise during the design process, such as water usage, energy usage, sustainable transport, social well-being, and natural resource protection.

What does an environmental planner do?

An environmental planner will conduct various tasks:

  1. Assess the nature and scale of the masterplan concept/infrastructure scheme
  2. Identify the key stakeholders and develop an engagement plan
  3. Define the consenting process and outline the timetable to include:
    • Planning Applications
    • Development Consent Orders for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects
    • Transport and Works Act Orders
    • Hybrid Bill for infrastructure projects at a national level
  4. Coordinate multiple technical studies, including:
    • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Strategic Environmental Assessments
    • Socio-economic assessments
  5. Lead stakeholder engagement during planning and design evolution
  6. Develop innovative sustainability and environmental goals
  7. Integrate environmental objectives into masterplans and develop designs with civil engineers and master planners
  8. Present at scrutiny panels and hearings, planning and consenting meetings

Why should you use an environmental planner?

As well as carrying out all the tasks listed above, an environmental planner will be able to take a holistic view of the whole project, ensuring that sustainability is at its heart and that the environment in its widest sense is protected. From the natural environment to the socio-economic impact, an environmental planner will take a 360 degree view, bringing together the other strands of expertise you need for successful development work.

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