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Wilderhope Farm | Shropshire

New hope for a heritage National Trust farming estate

National Trust


We are working with an estate owner to inform the basis for a National Trust tenancy at Wilderhope, while achieving biodiversity enhancement under the government's Countryside Stewardship scheme.

Engain has been instructed to help a Shropshire land owner agree terms for the long-term management of the Wenlock Edge heritage landscape for the National Trust.

We are establishing the estate’s biodiversity value and agreeing long-term management objectives.  The estate comprises a species rich, unique and generally undisturbed rural landscape, featuring wild orchids and rare orchard apple varieties.

The aim is to ensure continued farming legacy, with innovation applied to traditional methods and sustainable farming practice.


  • Positive public engagement
  • Balanced approach to access
  • Rejuvenation of historic farming and land assets
  • Sustained ecological biodiversity

Partners & Stakeholders

  • National Trust
  • Natural England
  • Wilderhope Farm
  • Shropshire Council

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