Reflections and planning

While snowflakes fall on a chilly December morning, it seems a fitting point for reflection, following another eventful year.

Brexit speculation and news headlines continue; meanwhile our Mediterranean consultancy provides critical ministerial guidance and is shaping action on infrastructure and development planning, as well as future environmental and sustainability policies.

In the UK, environmental and ecological planning have been firmly on the agenda, particularly for housebuilders and renewable energy suppliers – for whom we’ve undertaken considerable EIA screening and advisory work. The associated regulatory changes which came into effect in 2017 will also see us providing more climate consultation, supporting clients to manage the reciprocal relationship between development and environment.

We’re anticipating an industrious start to 2018, helping developers to negotiate intricate legislation, both pre and post Brexit. The new year also heralds significant developments for our Mediterranean masterplan project – for which Engain’s marine and environmental expert Tom Hardy will be taking a lead role.

Heading up our ecology division, Matt Davies will be undertaking further support roles within land and estate management, working with custodians of heritage buildings and landscapes, to help manage diversification and regulatory requirements.

For now, we wish you all a joyous festive break and a productive, prosperous 2018. We’re truly thankful for the instructions and trust extended by all of our clients, partners and associates.

Nikki, Matt, Tom and the Engain team

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