Ecological Clerk of Works & Monitoring

When do you need an Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)?

An Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) is an ecologist who will work with you and your team during construction or improvement works to help you comply with wildlife laws and policies, and to assess the risk of impacts on protected species or habitats.

Any construction or operational site can harbour wildlife and it is imperative that you seek advice before you start any works. If you or your supply chain cause any harm or damage to wildlife, you could be liable for fines or legal action. An ECoW will oversee the project and advise on compliance.

There are several situations in which an ECoW would be a valuable addition to your development team:

  • Does your site have a designated wildlife site nearby (such as a Special Area of Conservation, Site of Special Scientific Interest, or County Wildlife Site)?
  • Is your site near a river, main watercourse, or waterbody?
  • Are there mature trees on your site?
  • Are you demolishing or refurbishing historic or vacant buildings?
  • Have you had an ecological assessment?
  • Could there be, or have you seen, wildlife such as nesting birds, bats, badgers, reptiles, newts, etc?

Any of these factors would indicate that your construction or improvement works would benefit from the involvement of an ECoW.

What will an ECoW do?

The ECoW will prepare relevant site documentation before work starts, deliver toolbox talks to site management and the supply chain, and provide immediate ecological advice to help you comply with wildlife laws and policies.

Typical issues an ECoW will advise on include assessing protected species and habitats, air quality, dust and noise, surface water management, pollution, and construction/demolition material management.

The ECoW will monitor works to help reduce risks and delays, and will inspect works during sensitive times or in locations where wildlife may be present.

At Engain, we also provide advice on compliance with relevant legislation, planning conditions and Construction Environment/Ecological Management Plans (CEMPs).

We are experienced in liaising and reporting  with stakeholders and construction teams on your behalf, and because we work across many technical disciplines on all sizes of construction project, we provide a cohesive experience for project delivery.

Our Ecologists are trained and experienced in supporting you and your construction objectives, and we can help you identify and manage ecological risks and reduce delays.

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