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Developing land value: pre acquisition auditing for informed portfolio investment

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An investor had identified multiple UK sites as offering future development potential. An environmental appraisal was needed to strategically pinpoint the most valuable for building an attractive land portfolio.

Engain’s team of experts assessed each location, highlighting respective opportunities, constraints and liabilities. This early screening encompassed historic contamination and the effects of previous land use, waste management, proximity to landfill, connectivity to transport networks, ground stability, flood risk and nearby areas of wildlife and historical importance. Relevant government development plans and policies were also consulted to determine each site’s suitability for future development.

We reviewed the objectives of the redevelopment strategy against our early site screenings, and where necessary, conducted further studies, to determine how each plot might fit with economic, environmental and social requirements.

Our investigations concluded with the presentation of advisory reports, outlining the merits and challenges posed by each location. These assessments were used to inform investment decisions and ultimately, progress suitable sites through to consenting for development.


  • Prompt delivery of clear findings and advice, outlining risks and opportunities
  • Significantly reduced risk and cost of investment
  • Informed purchase decisions and negotiations
  • Significantly increased market value of land portfolio
  • Successful redevelopment of selected sites

Partners & Stakeholders

  • Environment Agency
  • Natural England
  • CBRE
  • Local authorities
  • English Heritage
  • Highways Agency
  • The Crown Estate

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