Two years in the life of an assistant environmental consultant

Since joining us as a graduate, Jonny has played an important role in some major European infrastructure projects. And we thought it time to shine a light on his work.

Supporting Engain’s director Nikki Wood and environmental consultant Tom Hardy, much of Jonny’s work has focused on the robust permit applications needed for Gibraltar’s new dual fuel power plant – gathering and interpreting data to support submissions for both the storage and operation of the facility.

The geographic constraints of the site location for the new plant, coupled with political sensitivities, language differences and the arrival of Brexit, have made for a unique challenge. The working knowledge and skills gained in the process have enabled the fast tracked application of his academic studies to major project involvement.

He explains:

“Handling multi layered requirements for gaining regulatory consent for such a significant European development has undoubtedly provided a variety and level of project experience that is relatively unusual and unexpected for my career stage.”

“I have been able to quickly develop my energy specialism and experience and directly apply work from my masters in environmental and green technology.

“I’ve been able to develop a solid working knowledge of the energy sector and gain invaluable experience in both ecological and environmental consultancy – and increasingly, our clients are looking for expertise from both of these areas.”

What next for Jonny? He’s currently immersed in EIA work, supporting Engain’s consultants on key developments. Working towards a project managerial role, he hopes future client work could see more of his studies applied.

“There’s some inspiring research into the potential for High Altitude Wind Power (HAWP) at the moment. It’s still very much an alternative energy in need of further investment and awareness, but would present an exciting opportunity for future work.

“Engain has a track record in attracting engineers and developers planning differently for the future, so I’m certain there are plenty more career firsts on the immediate horizon.”

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