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19th June 2017

Bats are on the move, roosting and breeding - and time is ticking for ecological surveys needed to support this year's planning applications

If you’re looking to submit a planning application this year, it’s time to begin compiling all necessary ecological evidence and habitat management information.

For faster turnarounds, meaningful advice and legislative guidance, talk to us.

Careful consideration is required when undertaking works on a site that’s home to bats – to balance construction requirements and timeframes with their movement and life cycles.

Now is the time to commence monitoring activity – and to plan surveys for other species.

Our experienced ecology team will manage the entire process for you – from site scoping, to surveying, monitoring, reporting, to producing any needed species licence applications, to then liaising with Natural England on your behalf, to help achieve a faster turnaround, and therefore prevent any unnecessary delay to construction.

The nature of bats is mysterious for most, and the complex arrangements surrounding their protection when undertaking works can leave developers and property homeowners feeling very much in the dark.

Let us enlighten your project!

Once surveys are complete, a typical bat licence application can take eight weeks or more to be processed.

But shorter turnarounds are possible.

Engain can offer a low impact class licence for small roosts of common bat species – in only two weeks.

Being highly protected and threatened by development, any design, planning consent or works where bats may be present must be overseen by a suitability qualified and licensed bat worker.

Our team of qualified ecologists offers comprehensive protected species services for all development and planning requirements.

View footage of a purpose-built bat roost in use, designed by Engain’s ecology team for a Somerset client

For guidance on bats and preparing for commercial or residential development, or restoration, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll inform project plans to ensure critical timescales are met.

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