One Step Closer to ISO 9001 Accreditation

Engain is now in the final stages of achieving ISO 9001 accreditation, the internationally recognised standard for quality management systems (QMS).

The team is delighted to be close to achieving this coveted standard, which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide a high level of services that meets our clients’ expectations and regulatory requirements.

Hayley Stevens, Engain’s Client Service Coordinator, said: “Engain has implemented a quality management system since incorporation in 2003. We have now committed to take this a step further and implement the accredited and externally auditable ISO 9001 QMS. This will demonstrate to our clients that we run high standards of business processes that are efficient, effective and consistent.”

Hayley has a track record of delivering accredited QMS, including under the strict controls required for the aerospace industry, and will be responsible for overseeing and implementing Engain’s ISO 9001 QMS procedures.

The accreditation means Engain’s processes will be externally audited year on year to help us continually improve and to provide the assurance of our rigorous business systems for our clients.

Nikki Wood, Engain’s CEO, said: “We really care about our work and when we set our minds to a job, we feel it’s worth doing well. This is the attitude we take to our clients and for our environment. The  fundamental principles of quality management at the heart of ISO 9001 accreditation reinforce this, and we want to implement reliable innovative improvements to our service, as well as to be recognised for our standards.”

Matt Davies, Director, said: “Many larger organisations than us look for this accreditation when seeking new service providers along supply chains, and ISO 9001 will give our UK and international clients the added reassurance that we follow strict procedures in our quality management.”

Engain is aiming to be accredited for ISO 9001 by the end of the year.