Engain Joins CLA to Support Rural Businesses

Engain, environmental and ecological specialists, has joined the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) bringing their wealth of consulting expertise to support rural land owners.

As full members of the CLA, which champions the rural economy, environment and way of life by representing owners of land, property and rural businesses, Engain will join other high-profile organisations, including the Duchy of Cornwall and the Ministry of Defence.

The rural economy is facing significant challenges, including from climate change, rising supply costs and the effects of Brexit, and landowners and businesses are having to adapt to a wealth of new legislation, including the Agriculture Act 2020, and the Environment Act 2021. The latter aims to deliver the most ambitious environmental programme we have ever seen in the UK.

The Environment Act delivers new law to halt the decline of our native wildlife by 2030, clean up our air, and protect the health of rivers, and to reform the way in which we deal with waste, and tackle deforestation.

Engain helps landowners and rural businesses on issues including biodiversity and environmental planning and consenting. The company helps to overcome the complexity of environmental compliance with laws and policies to enable land use change, sustainable estate management, or improved land and farming biodiversity management.

Nikki Wood, Engain’s CEO, said: “Engain is well placed to support and discuss issues around farm biodiversity, land use change and sustainable land management. The debate on climate change and securing our natural heritage through new measures to improve biodiversity are areas where we can really provide effective help. We have worked across the UK and overseas for the past 20 years as ecological and environmental experts.

Some recent successes include environmental planning consent for community solar farms, advising on complex nutrient neutrality for new rural developments, and researching for the UN on climate change and DEFRA on ecology and biodiversity net gain. We are currently developing measurable audit protocols for biodiversity gains on farms across the UK for an accreditation organisation. One outcome will be to improve market identity through demonstrable biodiversity credentials.

We are delighted to become full members of the CLA and to be able to bring our experience to bear on the wide-ranging issues affecting landowners and rural businesses across the UK in 2022.”

If you have a project to discuss or need our help please contact our team of experts at or call us on 01225 459564.