Engain continuing to deliver to clients

Engain continue to engage with clients during the lock-down to enable continuity and planning for development sites.

Personal note from Nikki Wood, MD “Firstly, thank you all so much for responding and reacting so quickly so we can keep working during  these challenging times. The Engain team is fully set up for home-working, as from Tuesday 17th March, using tools such as Microsoft365 for virtual meetings, emailing and reporting, or is conducting safe fieldwork and assessments where we can travel independently following government procedures. We reviewed and adapted our health and safety risk assessments across the company to provide additional precautions for corornavirus. It is a tough time for us all personally and in business. We want to assure all of our suppliers, agents and clients that we will continue to operate and deliver, and to help all of us succeed through these challenging times. We will pull together with you and we will update our website regularly to keep you informed of feedback and to share helpful advice.”

Personal note from Matt Davies, Head of Ecology, “This is a key time of year when we need to get on top of ecological and environmental surveys so we can properly inform future applications. We are pleased to report that we are currently working on sites tactically evaluating field work to ensure our clients do not miss important deadlines or push project timelines into uncertainty. We’ve got a great team of enthusiastic and willing ecologists and environmental scientists that encompass a broad range of planning and permitting related advisory services. Please feel free to contact any one of us. Thanks so much for valuing and trusting us to help you drive business forward”.

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