A week in work experience life

Last week, we welcomed two budding ecologists to the team, for a work experience placement. Here's what they had to say about their time with us.

– Thank you Eloise and Mary, it was an absolute pleasure!

“As students who have taken a strong interest in ecology and environmental sciences, our time at Engain has opened our minds to what a career in ecology entails and the effective contribution it makes to our society.

“We both gained our interest in ecology and the environment through the rising awareness of the current climate crisis. Together, we felt that work experience in this field could show us how to make a difference whilst developing skills for our future careers.

“Another reason why Engain appealed to us was the physical aspect of the work. Through taking part in outdoor surveys, we gained valuable hands-on experience that gave us insight into both the challenges and perks of being an Ecologist.

“Having no prior experience in ecology, we began the week with an open mind. We did, however, hope to develop key skills within communication, confidence and capability. By the end of our placement here, we both felt that we had gained these skills and many more.

“During our week at Engain, we were given the opportunity to take part in ecological fieldwork. This included setting up static bat detectors, constructing and distributing dormouse nest tubes and learning how to complete a Phase 1 habitat survey. We thoroughly enjoyed these and found they gave us a realistic view of ecology as a career as they displayed the challenges that can occur in this aspect of the job and therefore applying our problem-solving skills.

“Another skillset we developed was within the technology used to analyse the data we collected during surveys. For example, we learned to use digital applications (such as Analook) to allow us to identify different bat species from recorded data.

“Overall, through the welcoming attitude of the team and the interesting tasks we took part in, the experience was both enjoyable and engaging. We will both miss our time here and we hope to stay in touch with the team for future experience and prospects.

“We wish to thank everyone at Engain who made our time here the great experience it was.”

– Eloise and Mary

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