Saul Ridley

Assistant Ecologist

Saul has combined the use of remote sensing techniques such as LiDAR, drone imagery, and bioacoustic monitoring with traditional surveying skills to complete a range of research and surveys across the UK and internationally. Additionally, he is well-versed in ecological reporting, having worked on and delivered a variety of documents including Ecological Appraisals and Impact Assessments, Protected Species Mitigation Strategies, Construction Environmental Management Plans, and Biodiversity Management Plans.

Saul is proficient with GIS, having used QGIS to create and manipulate maps in support of his projects and for Biodiversity Net Gain calculations. Further, he has a wealth of experience working with large datasets on software including Microsoft Excel and the statistical programming language R.

Saul is knowledgeable about renewable energy projects and sustainable development, as well as habitat restoration and conservation and innovative strategies to achieve these goals. His master’s thesis, on the long-term effects of species reintroduction and reforestation efforts in Scotland, exemplifies this and is currently in the process of being published in a scientific journal.


  • Fairy Hill Solar Farm: Writing and assisting reports including an EcIA, LEMP, CEMP, SWMP, and BNG assessment.
  • Crays Hall Solar Farm: Writing and assisting a CEMP and a Biodiversity Enhancement Strategy.


  • Bath & West Community Energy
  • Boom Power Ltd
  • Redcliffe Homes

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