Keava Mascott

Assistant Ecologist

Keava has experience supporting a variety of projects, through field surveys, risk assessments, desk studies, identifying key species and GIS mapping. She has further experience with bat analysis, writing reports including mitigation strategies, licence applications, EIA reports and more. She also had experience with husbandry and care of a variety of species of both captive, wild and domestic animals.

Keava prides herself on her inter-personal skills, from her varied background working in hospitality and from working as part of a team in a PCR diagnostics lab during the Covid-19 health crisis and in professional kitchens.

Keava is particularly interested in how social sciences come into play within the environmental science sector, including the importance of collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in designing, planning and carrying environmental projects. She has further experience designing surveys and semi-structured interviews, recruiting for surveys, and carrying out phone interviews as part of her MSc research project and is currently working to publish her MSc dissertation about public perception of wild game meat consumption in the UK.


  • Residential: Carrying out field surveys, assessments, desk studies and assisting on licence applications.
  • Energy: Carrying out desk studies, field assessments and assisting on mitigation and BNG for solar farms.


  • Wain Homes
  • Savills
  • Stonewood Partnerships
  • Redcliffe

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